Death to HDMI

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I was actually told about this from a friend during a conversation about new technology trends (I know–I’m killer at parties) but after reading some articles on the subject and what this means to the display industry I am very excited (and honestly, isn’t it about time?) that this has finally come along.

“This” being an all-in-one solution to all those cables you now need to connect your TVs and large format displays. Some big names in the industry (LG Electronics, Sony, Samsung, Valens) decided to get together and create a new connectivity standard for delivering uncompressed HD video, audio, and ethernet using a standard cat5e/cat6 cables and RJ-45 connector.  No more running out to get new cables because our old stuff is now obsolete.  This new standard will transform and declutter our lives so that we may enjoy our viewing experience in an almost cable-free world.

HDBaseT enabled products are set to ship later this year and in full swing early 2011.  To read more about HDBaseT and the HDBaseT alliance click on the links below. Goodbye HDMI, Hello HDBaseT

HDBaseT Wikipedia

HDBaseT Alliance

Industry News August 19th 2010

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