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Casino Touch Screens & Monitors

Up to 4X More Reliable = Day And Night Performance

Highest Grade LED displays used to deliver a wider color gamut and next generation 24/7 reliability for maximum uptime. Up to 4X longer life + 3 year warranty = nothing else delivers like the Black Series.

Smarter Touch Technology

Flexible touch technologies such as our surface capacitive for better compatibility with existing systems or new Black Series projected capacitive for a sleeker, water-resistant design to future proof your project.

Enhance Players Experience

Ultra fast touch response, outstanding picture quality, and built-in Anti-Fatigue / Anti-Glare Technology helps enhance the player’s experience for longer gameplay while minimizing guest complaints.

Custom Gaming Solutions Available

We have custom touch screen solutions that tailor to your gaming application. Need a custom size for a slot machine or gaming table? No problem, contact us today to find out how we can transform your guest’s gaming experience.

Reduce Maintenance

Oleophobic nano-coating make the touch screen easier to clean by minimizing bacteria and fingerprints left on the screen. LED long life technology removes the hassles of replacing CCFLs as well as keeping the screen up to 50% cooler to protect gaming machine components.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Driverless touch options, modular design, advanced shielding technology, and breakthrough cooling components engineered to work in high traffic environments where other gaming touch screens simply don’t cut it. Don’t take a risk with a generic touch display.

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