Outdoor Quick Service
Restaurant Displays

Experience the revolution of outdoor quick service restaurant displays with Tech Global’s Titan series. Designed to push the boundaries of innovation.


3500 nits ultra bright sunlight readable display

24/7 reliability with adaptive cooling

IP66 weatherproof

All-In-One modular solution with SOC options

IK10 rated safety glass with anti-reflection treatment

Up to 32% lower energy consumption – Eco-Friendly

Optimal performance

Stunning in any
weather scenario

Ensure your restaurant’s vibrant menus and promotions are always enticingly visible and memorable, no matter the weather conditions.

Seamless Aesthetic

Elegant Slim Design

Built with a foundation in intuitive design, the Titan series effortlessly blends in with your restaurant’s aesthetic without compromising on durability or performance.

Available as a standalone display or with an embedded SOC (system-on-chip) supporting Android, Windows, or Debian operating systems without the need of an enclosure.


Designed with the
planet in mind

We’re committed to environmental sustainability. Our eco-friendly displays are specifically engineered to consume up to 32% less energy, reducing your restaurant’s carbon footprint. No more compromise between efficiency and superior performance for a more sustainable future.

IPS Technology

Epic visibility at any angle

Leverage the power of our advanced IPS technology, offering a wide 178° viewing angle and vivid colors for an engaging quick service dining experience. Customers wearing polarized sunglasses will enjoy clear readability, making the Titan Series perfect for all restaurant scenarios.

Modular Design

Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t.

Embrace the power of customization. Available as a standalone display or with an embedded SOC supporting Android, Debian and Windows operating systems. Our flexible solutions ensure you have the right tools to deliver captivating content and seamless interactions, every time.

Also available with



Portrait + Landscape

The Titan Series offer unparalleled versatility with both portrait and landscape orientations, enabling you to maximize your space and present engaging visuals that cater specifically to your quick-service restaurant’s unique needs and style. Experience the perfect blend of adaptability, quality, and vibrant display and bring your brand to life like never before.

Superior Visuals + Unmatched Durability

Optical Bonding

Tech Global takes pride in integrating advanced optical bonding technology in our Titan Series displays, enhancing both viewing experience and protective capabilities. With a marked increase in viewing angles and contrast, our displays ensure that every visual is stunningly vivid and striking, regardless of the viewing position.

But optical bonding is more than just about aesthetics. It adds a layer of fortification to our displays, making them significantly more resistant to vandalism and impacts – a vital feature in bustling quick-service restaurant environments.

Moreover, optical bonding eliminates condensation issues, averting any potential fogging and guaranteeing that regardless of weather conditions, your display maintains impeccable clarity. Experience the power of enhanced visual appeal coupled with unmatched durability with Tech Global’s Titan Series.

No Isotropic Blackouts means No More Black Spots

High TNI Commercial
Liquid Crystal Display

No Isotropic Blackouts means No More Black Spots

At Tech Global, we’ve taken the performance of our Titan Series displays to new heights with the inclusion of High TNI commercial liquid crystal technology. With liquid crystal clearing temperature rating of 110°C, our high TNI panels significantly outperform conventional panels. This advanced feature significantly enhances the reliability and visual performance of our displays, even in the most challenging environments.

High TNI technology prevents isotropic blackouts, ensuring uninterrupted visual performance even under direct sunlight or high-temperature conditions. This means that regardless of the weather or the time of day, your quick-service restaurant’s offerings are always showcased clearly and vividly on our displays.

HDBaseT Support

Simplified Maintenance

Empower your quick service restaurant with the Titan Series, designed for a future with HDBaseT™ technology, setting a new standard in digital signage management. A simpler more cost-effective way to implement and mange displays.

At Tech Global, our pursuit of excellence has led us to create the resilient Titan Series outdoor displays. Our passionate engineers have dedicated over a decade to rigorous Research and Development (R&D), shaping these superior products to set new industry standards in the quick-service restaurant market.

Each element of the Titan Series, from its advanced IPS technology for exceptional clarity to its energy-efficient, eco-friendly design, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. We’ve conducted extensive testing under extreme environmental conditions to ensure that these displays can withstand any weather challenge, from the scorching summer sun to biting winter frost, from howling winds to torrential rains.

The Titan Series embodies the distillation of our team’s extensive expertise and resilience, representing our enduring commitment to revolutionizing the display industry. For display solutions that excel in performance, durability, and innovation, trust the result of over a decade’s worth of research and dedication – trust Tech Global.