Touch Screen Solutions

Point Of Sale (POS) – Informational Kiosks
Automation – Interactive Digital Signage
Self Check Ins - Restaurant Menu Boards

Touch Screens & Monitors For Hospitality

A Better Guest Experience

Tech Global helps transcend guest experiences with intuitive touch technologies at restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Add value to your guests with engaging touch applications such as digital way-finding, self-service kiosks for easier check-in/check-out as well as signage to boost your brand’s presence.

Durable for Heavy Duty Public Use

Our rugged monitors are protected from common harsh public environments such as spills, dust, and other surface contaminants. The thermally hardened 3mm anti-vandal glass promotes safety in high traffic environments to virtually eliminate downtime.

Improve Staff Workflows

The Black Series touch screen technology enables a faster more intuitive workflow for employees so that they can focus more on enhancing the guest experience.

Easy To Clean

Our durable display technology allows your staff to easily clean and disinfect the display without damaging the screen surface.

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