Infrared Touch Screen Monitors

Cell imaging also known as IR touch screen technology offers superior multi-touch performance for large format displays.

Infrared Touch Screen

IR Touch Technology Benefits

Perfect for large format and video wall applications

  • 100% image clarity as no overlay is used
  • 0% image distortion
  • Ultrafast 200 FPS
  • Stylus, finger, and gloves compatabile
  • Multi-touch from 2 – 32 points with gesture support.
  • Compatabile with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android operating systems.
  • USB standard connectivity interface (high range extenders available)
  • HID compliant – no drivers needed for under 12 touch points.
  • Multiple Monitor support (video wall)
  • Available up to 200″
  • Supports VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)

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IR Touch Screen Monitors

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