Ingress Protection (IP Rating) For Touch Screen Monitors

What is Ingress Protection?

Ingress Protection marketing (sometimes referred to as International protection marketing or simply IP Code), classifies the degree of protection from liquid and solid particle protection. A sample IP Code may look like this: “IP34” The first number symbolizes the solid particle protection while the second number shoes the liquid particle level of protection. The higher the number, the better the protection. For a better understanding on how IP code is used for rating click here.

When is Ingress Protection recommended?

Ingress Protection is recommended for harsh (such as medical and public installations) and outdoor environments where water or other contaminants that can interfere with electronic devices.

Does Tech Global provide Ingress Protection on monitors?

Yes, we do have IP rated monitors. Contact us for more information on how to select the best IP rated monitor for your application.

Recommended for harsh and humid environments.