VESA Display Mounting Guide

The most common question we receive is what mounts will fit the display? At Tech Global we utilize the VESA standards to make it easy to purchase mounting hardware as the VESA Standard is not proprietary.

How is VESA mounting measured?

VESA is a standardized form of mounting hardware. A common VESA size is 100mm x 100mm. Notice how the size is measured in millimeters (mm). The first number represents the measurement between the two horizontal mounting holes (left to right). The second number represents the measurement between the vertical mounting holes (top to bottom). Hence, 100×100 means the horizontal mounting holes are exactly 100mm apart and the vertical mounting hole are also 100mm apart. 400×200 means 400mm horizontal measurement and 200mm for the vertical measurement.

Common VESA Sizes

Common VESA SizeCommon in Screen Sizes
75x75 mm8" - 17"
100x100 mm17"-42"
200x100 mm32" +
200x200 mm32" +
400x200 mm32" +
400x400 mm42" +

*please note that the above are just common sizes and may be different for your display. Always check with the manufacturer or measure the distance to get the most accurate size for your display.

Millimeters to Inches Conversion

Size in MillimetersSize in Inches
75 mm2.95 in
100 mm3.94 in
150 mm5.90 in
200 mm7.87 in
400 mm15.75 in
600 mm23.62 in
800 mm31.50 in

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