IP Rating and NEMA Protection Explained

IP ratings are used to quantify the amount of protection the enclosure offers. Instead of saying water resistant, the IP code can tell us exactly how much water or dust particles a particular device is protected against. Hence an IP rating of IP67 means that the enclosure is dust proof and water resistant up to 1 meter of liquid submersion.

IP Rating Chart

LevelSolids Protection (First Number)Liquids Protection (Second Number)
XThe X rating means not tested. The X rating means not tested.
0No protection offered. No protection offered.
1Effective against large objects (>50mm in size)Protection from light condensation or vertical drops of water.
2Fingers or objects larger than 12.5 mm
Vertical water dripping up to 15°
3Tools and thick wires over 2.5 mm in sizeVertical water as a spray up to 60°
4Tools and most wires that are 1mm or largerSplashing or dripping water from any direction
5Protected from dust enough to not interfere with operation.Water jets at 6.3mm from any direction
6Fully protected from dust. Highest level of protection from solids.
Powerful water jets at 12.5mm from any direction
7Maximum level of protection is 6 for solidsImmersion in to water up to 1m under defined pressure.
8Maximum level of protection is 6 for solidsImmersion in to water over 1m.
9Maximum level of protection is 6 for solidsHigh pressure water jets will cause no harm.
NEMA RatingIP Equivalent

NEMA to IP Conversion

NEMA are rating standards used in North America to see what protection enclosures offer. In this conversion chart, NEMA standards are converted to the corresponding IP (ingress protection) rating. Note that NEMA ratings meet or exceed the IP rating. The reverse may not be assumed. Example: NEMA 2 may be IP11 or higher but IP11 may not be assumed to exceed a NEMA 2 rating.

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