Display Not Working Correctly or the Image is Stretched out?

If your picture is stretched out, low resolution, unable to set the resolution, or simply not working, try the following steps below.

Step 1

Make sure the Video connection (VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI) is securely plugged into the computer and the unit is powered on.

Step 2

Verify that you have the latest touch screen drivers installed. To do this search for your video card drivers online based on the manufacturer. Most common manufactures of video cards include Intel, nVidia, and ATI.

Step 3

Reboot the computer and see if the issue is fixed. If the image looks funky, try setting a different resolution or refresh rate. Windows: Right Click on the Desktop, Click Display Setting, Find the Advanced display setting link, select the correct resolution and click save. For Mac: Go to Settings, Next click Displays, here you will be able to adjust the resolution. Note that if you have multiple monitor setup, make sure to change the resolution on the intended monitor before saving. (Default refresh rate is 60 Hz – NTSC)

Step 4

If you still can not get your display to work, please contact our phone support to go over more advanced steps to help troubleshoot the issue. Phone: 888-623-2004 (x223)