Optical Bonding For Touch Screen Displays

What is Optical Bonding?

Optical bonding is the lamination process where the protective layer of glass is glued to the front of the display.

What are the benefits?

Optical bonding helps enhance readability, especially in bright and humid environments. The extra layer of protection creates a shield that weatherproofs your displays from condensation and other debris that regular LCDs are prone to. Air gaps are also eliminated from optical bonding process, which eliminate any inner reflections; this makes it perfect for sunlight readability. It also provides additional protection from scratches, stains and other harsh environmental aspects.

Can touch screens benefit from optical bonding?

Yes, optical bonding will not have any effect on the touch interface of our display.

When is an optically bonded display recommended?

Optically bonded displays and touch screens are recommended for bright or direct lighting conditions, outdoor applications, and environments subject to moisture and dust debris. Typical uses for optically bonded displays include digital signage, military/defense in-vehicle displays, and medical applications.

What is the compatibility of optically bonded displays?

Optically bonded displays are compatible with the following:

  • Anti-Glare Technology
  • Oleophobic Nano-Coating
  • EMI Shielding
  • Vandal Glass
  • LED Technology
  • Touch Technology

If your application requires extra durability or is exposed to bright light conditions, optically bonded displays are a great solution.