Our Capabilities

Tech Global provides commercial 24/7 touch screen and LCD display solutions to Government (Mission Critical, Defense), Oil and Gas, Transportation, Healthcare, Audio Video, Education, Telecom and Security industries. The strengths of our history provide both a wealth of experience and client satisfaction that they are dealing with an organization that has high-quality products and strong resources.

Touch Screens and Displays

Brilliant Touch Screen Displays

Tech Global has more than 10 years of specialty display industry experience. We have been a leader in brilliant, durable, and reliable display solutions. Tech Global offers a wide range of touch screen solutions from small custom desktop LCD displays to large video wall solutions.

Tech Global touch screen displays enhance users’ experience by enabling the user to seek information, complete automated processes, transactions and create incredible presentations. Tech Global’s reliable displays are utilized in a variety of vertical markets.

  • Government
  • Digital Signage
  • Hospitality
  • Financial
  • Healthcare/ Medical
  • Corporate
  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Museum

Tech Global provides only the best and latest touch technology solutions, including:

Tech Global’s touch technology ranges from a single-touch point to 40 touch-points with multiple-user capability. Tech Global’s touch screen solutions are integrated for maximum accuracy, quality and commercial durability.

Touch Screen Benefits

Touch screens provide a fast and intuitive interface that allows users to connect with information. In today’s society we expect control at our fingertips. That device could be a smart phone, tablet or Tech Global’s touch screen solutions.

Display Enhancements

Display Optical Bonding

Tech Global has the unique capability of optical bonding on 10” though 55” LCD sizes. Optical bonding is the process of laminating cover glass or touch screens to a bare LCD screen. Most LCD screens have a plastic surface. This bare LCD screen does not protect the display from being damaged. Optical bonding protects the bare LCD from being damaged in demanding environments.

Optical Bonding Benefits

  • LCD Protection
  • Sunlight Readability
  • Enhanced Colors
  • Vibration and Shock
  • Moisture & Dust

Display Specialty Glass

Tech Global offers a variety of glass solutions to fit your application. We can add coatings or performance films to enhance viewing performance by reducing unwanted background light.

Display Enhancement Benefits

  • Anti-Glare
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Vandal Glass-display protection
  • Anti-Fingerprint Oleophobic nano-coating

Medical Display Enhancement Benefits

  • Infection Control
  • Chemical Wipe Down
  • Sealed Display
  • Antibacterial Nano Coating Technology
Engineering and Design

Here at Tech Global, we pride ourselves on functionally designed products. It is in this way that our engineering has led us into rugged government mission critical markets. Only through constant and strenuous testing, experimentation and verification have we earned a position as leaders of demanding markets. The engineering and manufacturing departments established at Tech Global have allowed for increased quality, decreased lead times and reduced RMAs. The combined efforts of the engineering department, manufacturing consistency, and state of the art facilities have led to continuous growth in the challenging arena of displays and touch technology.

Functional design is inherent in the engineering process at any level. Beyond the common practice of functional design, Tech Global has secured a place in refinement of design and user experience. Tech Global believes a product should function beyond expectations, even in the most vigorous environments, and it should do so with excessive appeal and intelligent design. There is no sacrifice for functionality while maintaining the highest level of strategic artistic design. The artistic nature in which our products are sculpted involves the use of unique materials and finishes coupled with the latest technology of engineering and manufacturing processes. It is the extraordinary individual components that yield the ultimate sum of parts and complete the fit and finish of the robust devices.

Tech Global’s engineering team has deep-rooted design processes to enable expeditious custom product delivery. Utilizing the experience gained over years of government mission critical demands, the engineering department can pull on previous knowledge to construct and implement the most complex conceptions. Even the most challenging concepts can turn from rough sketches, to calculated realization of a prototype and fluidly continue to mass production of manufacturing. Tech Global has built a foundation of advanced equipment and software necessary to compete in the onerous touch technology marketplace including two ISO:9001 clean room compliant facilities, a cutting-edge research and development department, and main production and manufacturing warehouse. It is with these tools and our innovative, highly educated and dedicated staff that have allowed Tech Global to advance, progress, and exceed expectations on a traditional and routine basis.

Interactive Multi-Touch Tables

Interactive Multi-Touch Tables bring people together to connect, learn and interact with stimulating multi-touch visual and tactical interface. Tech Global’s Interactive Tables, electronically actuate from completely flat to 60 degrees of vertical lift. Allowing the user(s) to choose from a variety of angles relating to their specific application for the ultimate interactive experience. This feature gives the customer a 2 in 1 solution for a variety of applications.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage has become an effective way for organizations to inform and communicate specific messages to their target audience. Whether that be businesses displaying corporate communications to employees, customers, schools, campuses, or healthcare organizations looking to promote upcoming programs or events and post important announcements. Digital Signage allows for specific and dynamic content to be geared toward a specific audience. Digital Signage means something different to each person and at Tech Global we realize that answer is not the same for every customer.

When collaborating with our customers on Digital Signage we can determine the appropriate solution for their unique environment and communication needs. Digital signage can help deliver a variety of dynamic information using audio, video, still images, or moving images.

With the right team behind you, Digital Signage does not have to be a painful and arduous task. At Tech Global, we are with you every step of the way from the beginning through completion and beyond. Real time updates allow you to keep messaging current and relevant by providing editing and content distribution in real time by location or display. Our approach emphasizes project management to meet the needs of our customers from basic systems to complex multi-dimensional and multiple location program roll outs.